About Sri Achar

Mysore Ramachandrachar

A Brief Introduction to Sri Mysore Ramachandrachar :-

1. During the year 2000 “Adhikamasa” a new face was witnessed in the “Singer of Dasarapadagalu” in Bangalore. It was a program with a difference. The audiences were treated to all the senses – The mind was absorbing the “Bhaktirasa” of the song, The eyes were seeing the photos shown by Sri Achar and the ears were listening to the “Dasara Padagalu”. It was a unique experience to many people.

2. The name Sri Mysore Ramachandrachar has become a name highly popular among the Dasavani singers of Karnataka. He has given programs all over Karnataka and almost in all the “Rayara Mutt’s” in Bangalore. About 11 CD’s and Cassettes are recorded and released and have become very popular. A couple of CD’s have already gone for 2nd re-print.

3. People who were busy seeing TV/Cinema during weekends, now dutifully attend Sri Achar’s program, observe Ekadashi, Janmasthami and other rituals. Members have visited sacred places such as Tirupathi, Udupi, Mantralaya, Sonda, Chippagiri, Ahobala, along with Achar, have listened to great scholars and pundits – have witnessed pooja’s by a majority of Swamiji’s of the day.

4. Sri Achar conducts “Jnanasatra” every year and his “Sri Madhwa Purandarotsava” has become a major event. The Fan Followers of Sri Acharya have actively participated in programs held in Chippagiri, Bommagatta, Cheekalaparavi, Pajaka, Bikshalaya, Tirukoilur. He also invites us to Sriranga for “Tula Snana” and “Sapta Prakaarotsava” every year(during November). One must admit that we are blessed  to have him as our leader.


9 thoughts on “About Sri Achar

  1. About year back when I went to a temple in Gandhi bazaar, I heard Sri. Achar for the 1st time. It was so impressed me that, now I never miss his program any where in south Bangalore. Every time you listen to the same vani, you find it more and more interesting. The energy level is so high which makes every one feel full of energy. The concert is a bliss.

  2. I bow my head to Acharya’s knowledge and bhakti in rendering devaranamas. I was blessed to attend the 8 day programme at Sri Karanji Anjaneya Swami temple. Even after so many days the songs are still vibrating in my mind. Thank you all.

  3. I too have heard Sri Mysore Ramachandrachar’s songs which are highly devotional, motivating, inspirational and wonderful. May his service to mankind continue for all eternity. And may Sri-Hari-Vayu-Gurugalu bless us all to hear his melodious voice again and again, which extols and upholds the Madhva philosophy through the powerful and wonderful devaranamas and Dasara padagalu along with various devotional songs.

  4. I became a follower of sri achar since then i happen to witness his bhakti rasa dasara padagala programme at Gokula venkateswara temple in the year 2003.I feel it is my sukrutha to attend the programme. The achar’s songs really blossoms the Bhakti as well as virakthi even those does not know abcd of sangeetha.that is the great of sri achars voice.

  5. i attend the achar programme impressed by my brother in law visnu at vijya brathi high school in last five years back and imprssed by the song narsima yemba devanu is attract by achar song and now attend the programme by regularley

  6. Everyday, My day starts with Sri Acharya’s Dasavani, i am so much impressed with his style of rendering.

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